Ah yes, the about page. This is where I’m supposed to talk about myself, the business, my passion, my zeal for life and love of photography. UGH! Well to be honest, I don’t like to talk about myself. I don’t like to toot my own horn. I would much rather have someone else do it for me. So, if I put out a good product, at a fair price, and provide good customer service I shouldn’t have to talk about myself. My satisfied customers will do the talking for me. That’s why I created the testimonial page, for you to see what my customers say.

I have been in the customer service business all of my working years, in different forms of businesses. I’ve been blessed with a successful photography business for 9 years.  As for the rest, product and pricing, you can find examples of that on this web and on my other social outlets.  Emotions are what drive me to capture images. I like it when customers look at their photo’s and the emotions from that day or event come rushing back.

I use the best in Canon equipment. My style is both natural and off camera flash mixed with small to large light modifiers. I do all of my own image editing from conservative to extreme beauty retouching. I would like to use a quote from Photographer, Kevin Kubota. That, I myself work by.

I’m a photographic impressionist. I want to capture the mood, or feeling, of the scene as it stands before me. The mood can be entirely influenced by context, sounds, relationships, smells, tastes, history, fantasies, or even alcohol. How I convey that feeling is my individual style and art. The tools I use are inconsequential.

I, like Kevin, carry a large tool box.
I also design my own albums using the software provided by the outstanding album company Graphistudio in Arba, Italy .  Being able to provide this for my clients, offers them more variety and flexibility. My goal and persistence is to be the photographer that every client was happy they selected to record their life.

I hope you will find that DA Visions can meet your needs. Because quite frankly, it’s your needs that matter the most.

I’d also like to  mention our new addition to DA Visions Photography.  New State-Of-The-Art-Fashionable-Trendsetting Experience Photo Booth. The most interactive fun photo booth on the market. Draw on the screen and or drag and drop virtual props and stickers. Guests can select from a variety of backgrounds or use as an open air booth. Guests will also have the option to print.  We have a separate website just for it here Party Photo Draw

Doug A

Lehigh Valley, Easton PA Wedding photographer