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I have been in the customer service business all of my working years, in different forms of businesses. Emotions are what drive me to capture images. I like it when customers look at their photo's and the emotions from that day or event come rushing back. I use the best in Canon equipment. My style is both natural and off camera flash mixed with small to large light modifiers. I do all of my own image editing from conservative to extreme beauty retouching. I would like to use a quote from Photographer, Kevin Kubota. That, I myself work by. "I'm a photographic impressionist. I want to capture the mood, or feeling, of the scene as it stands before me. The mood can be entirely influenced by context, sounds, relationships, smells, tastes, history, fantasies, or even alcohol. How I convey that feeling is my individual style and art. The tools I use are inconsequential." I, like Kevin, carry a large tool box. I also design my own albums. Being able to provide this for my clients, offers them more variety and flexibility. My goal and persistence is to be the photographer that every client was happy they selected to record their life. DA Visions a wedding photography service in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. We use the finest Canon equipment and specialize in natural and off camera lighting. Photo composites and enhancements are our specialty. Please visit our web for more information

Realtor Headshot Photographer

Realtor Headshot Photographer DA Visions

Jessica and Bernadette contacted me to update their current headshots for RE/MAX Pinnacle Of Bedminister, NJ

A few angles, laughs, light moves, background changes, changing of clothes and we have their images. Pretty much painless =)
Need any help finding or selling properties, look them up.
Here are a few from their session.



Fitness Photography

Fitness Photography with DA Visions

Meet Fredo,
A father, a plumber by trade, and  a fitness coach/trainer. As the images will show he ‘s very disciplined and loves what he does. More than that, the brief time I spent with him in studio and chatting via text it was easy to see that he’s just a great guy.  I wish him nothing but the best in his up coming competitions.

Here is a small sample from Fredo’s session.




DA Visions Photography has been listed on Thumbtack for a couple months. I see quite a bit of activity on it and from it. I guess it’s doing the job. It’s a web presence that steers potential clients to you and you have the opportunity to bid with quotes. These quotes cost me money. The issue I have is that anyone randomly can just enter a Google search  playfully and not seriously looking for a wedding photographer. They fill out a short description of what they had in mind and Thumbtack sends it to me. I spend $$ to buy credits and send a quote. That’s it. The problem is most are just playful inquires or phishing for price ranges and have no real intentions of hiring anyone. Most are unrealistic expectations. Example, 8 hours of wedding coverage and they only expect to spend $200-$400. That means to me they are not serious at all. Another, wanted headshots but not until next year? Makes me chuckle. So what do I do, well, I still look through them but I only try and pick the ones I think are real. Problem is, they are few and far between. =)

wedding photography

Shades Of Grey

Although I have never seen the movie, I do know all about the shades of grey =) #shadesofgrey
It is an important part of setting your tonal values for the image you would like to capture. Any “good” “professional” photographer will know this. Not only is it having the knowledge about tonal values and zones but also how your camera sees a scene and meters for it and what will you do with your camera to adjust it to set your zones where you want them. Setting it on “P” or any auto setting won’t cut it.

Wiki: The Zone System provides photographers with a systematic method of precisely defining the relationship between the way they visualize the photographic subject and the final results. Although it originated with black-and-white sheet film, the Zone System is also applicable to roll film, both black-and-white and color, negative and reversal, and to digital photography.

An expressive image involves the arrangement and rendering of various scene elements according to the photographer’s desire. Achieving the desired image involves image management (placement of the camera, choice of lens, and possibly the use of camera movements) and control of image values. The Zone System is concerned with control of image values, ensuring that light and dark values are rendered as desired. Anticipation of the final result before making the exposure is known as visualization.

Here are my shades of grey =)


Headshot photographer Easton PA

I recently put together this sample video showcasing the variety of headshots available with DA Visions Photography. Also, some behind the scene looks and video. Most headshots are done on premise. Advance booking is required. Being mainly a wedding and Bar Mitzvah photographer,  a large studio is not warranted. In the case of headshots and portraits I do have a small working studio in my home. The benefit of not having a large overhead is passed onto the consumer with affordable pricing. But don’t be fooled, I have a  plethora of  modern equipment at my disposal. Please visit the “headshot” page for many more examples of different light scenarios and background looks. Visit the info/pricing page for current pricing. If I have light I will have shadows, with shadows I have depth, with you I have character. I don’t need much space for those ingredients 😉