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I have been in the customer service business all of my working years, in different forms of businesses. Emotions are what drive me to capture images. I like it when customers look at their photo's and the emotions from that day or event come rushing back. I use the best in Canon equipment. My style is both natural and off camera flash mixed with small to large light modifiers. I do all of my own image editing from conservative to extreme beauty retouching. I would like to use a quote from Photographer, Kevin Kubota. That, I myself work by. "I'm a photographic impressionist. I want to capture the mood, or feeling, of the scene as it stands before me. The mood can be entirely influenced by context, sounds, relationships, smells, tastes, history, fantasies, or even alcohol. How I convey that feeling is my individual style and art. The tools I use are inconsequential." I, like Kevin, carry a large tool box. I also design my own albums. Being able to provide this for my clients, offers them more variety and flexibility. My goal and persistence is to be the photographer that every client was happy they selected to record their life. DA Visions a wedding photography service in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. We use the finest Canon equipment and specialize in natural and off camera lighting. Photo composites and enhancements are our specialty. Please visit our web for more information

Lehigh Valley Band Photographer| DA Visions Photography

Lehigh Valley Band Photographer| DA Visions Photography

I recently was contacted by Val Shoemaker, press and promoter for OUTSIDE THE WALL Band.
She mentioned she had an up and coming Pink Floyd tribute band that reproduces the music of Pink Floyd faithfully, bringing the true essence of detail to fans of Pink Floyd’s music. She needed some photos to help promote them. Insert DA Visions =) and you got yourself some cool images of 4 great guys, that just so happen to play great music =)

Faced with the challenge that not all four members could be here at the same time…we managed to pull it off anyway. Below are a few of the images we captured over a week’s period.

You can follow them by their Facebook page here
They have a concert coming up this month, April 18th.

OUTSIDE THE WALL Band is a band who is honoring the great band PINK FLOYD by recreating many of their classic songs from THE WALL and ANIMALS. The band is always evolving and adding new elements to their show. Come see the band. Listen to the first 2 songs with your eyes closed, and you will feel like you are at a Pink Floyd show.
Gary Wehrkamp – Lead Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards
Chris Forgione – Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tamborine
Sean Simpson – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Mark Marina – Drums, Vocals

Christian Gutowski – Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Tom – Trombone, Backing Vocals
Doug Kaetz – French Horn, Snare drum, Backing Vocals
Press Contact Valerie Shoemaker


DA Visions certified professional photographer

DA Visions certified professional photographer

This could be a long read so for those that just want to “hit it and run” 🙂 Me becoming a CPP Certified Professional Photographer is the equivalent of a CPA Certified Public accountant. The Professional Photographic Certification Commission regulates who can become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). They follow the standards established by the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) – the same organization that is responsible for regulating agencies that certify medical professionals, therapists, home builders, and financial professionals.

Now, if you want to read on and find out more, and why, then let me begin.
I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) along with (WPPI) Wedding Portrait Photographers International. I have since become a (CPP) A certified professional photographer. There are 27,000 PPA members in 54 countries. There are just 100 members in a thirty mile radius of Easton PA. which includes NJ. That would represent less than .5% of the total members. Of those 100 only 3 are certified. The closest one to Easton is 23 miles away in NJ. Why did I put myself through it, Well, if you have a legitimate business, and website ( not facebook ) it’s easy to send in money to become a member. But if you want to become a certified professional, you have to actually know what you’re doing. Yeah, you can’t just buy a good, or the best camera and put it on “P” or “A” and expect to get one answer right on the 100 question exam. One of the study books alone is over 400 pages. You have to know things like what type sensor and size to what the hell a parallax error is. Twin-lens reflex camera, view camera, bellows oh and the inverse square law Just to name a few. How about getting a 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 lighting ratio and how do you do it. How many stops is a 8x ND filter? situation scenario questions. That’s part one. Part two you have to show 6 images of standardized technical proficiency that all professional photographers, regardless of specialty, should know and 9 actual client images with the same proficiency in light, direction, pose, expression etc. I had to drive to West Chester PA to take the exam ( NO it’s not online ) that was the nearest test site. I met a fellow CPP, Jose Robertson, who warned me about how tough the image submission critique/judging would be. He was right . But I’m happy to say I made it through the first time. They do give you a year and it’s only good for 3 years before you have to get re-certified. Yeah, those trendy highlights blown lens flare cool facebook pics wouldn’t cut it =). The ones that look cool on your phone but the minute you try to print or view on a larger screen you realize just how blurry it really is and too small to print 😉 Only my family knows how hard I worked for this. Now this is not to say there aren’t any other established photographers in my area, because there are. But I think I can speak for them and for all certified photographers that when we see that someone just picked up a crop sensor camera launched a facebook page and is now a photographer (natural light only ) no less, kinda makes you cringe inside. You hope that they pursue their dream/passion and make it into an real established business. If not, It flies right against everything I put into where I’m at. Not only counting massive hours, Yes I have a federal EIN#, carry liability Insurance, LLC, certificate of registration to charge sales tax, pay tax, have a business account, have the average Americans yearly salary in equipment, build my own real websites and another added plus most photographers can’t do is I can create and edit out my a__ in editing software. You know, the ones where some people dismiss because its photoshopped. Little do they know it takes time and knowledge to do it. It’s not some little filter button you push. So I guess the only thing left was to become certified. whew that was a mouthful. =)

I’m glad I did it. It’s another way of separating myself from the norm. Another notch in the belt kinda thing. The next move is to submit creations and hope to accumulate merits to become a Master CPP.
Who wants to become my next submission creation 😉

Now I must say, not only does it benefit to become a CPP but you still need to know how to work and relate with others, your customers and vendors. You can’t expect to succeed in portrait, wedding photography if you can’t relate to people. Me, having worked with people/customers my whole life helps 😉 Now I can feel confident that anyone who visits my web, FB or Google + page I’ve taken out of the equation of them wondering if I’m professional and or capable enough. Let my body of work and personality be the sell. =)

So that’s the long of it. There is plenty more but I think you get it by now. Sometimes I get geeky and can’t shut up =)
Thanks for listening.


certified professional photographer

certified professional photographer

Party Photo Draw Easton PA

Something new and exciting. It’s finally ready to go so spread the word. Owned and operated by DA Visions Photography.
What is it? Party Photo Draw that’s what it is.

What is Party Photo Draw? Well, it’s the Industries newest answer to Event photo booths. In short, no more sitting in a small booth looking at a camera or small laptop screen. No more being concerned with using party props that have been worn by the 50 previous guests or if not cleaned…the previous 10 events :/

Party Photo Draw offers many customizations and options available to cater to your event.
* A huge 46″ touch screen monitor
* Images captured with the best in Canon equipment
* large, sharp, colorful 4×6″ prints
* Choose from 6 different backgrounds ( can be custom made )
* Choose from 6 different filters like b&w, vintage and more.
* Along with the backgrounds choose custom fonts & text overlays.
* Choose from over 100 virtual props to drag onto your image
* Choose from 3 different pen sizes to draw on your image
* undo options and erasers
* ability to drag, rotate, enlarge your art additions
* full color palette to choose from to draw and write on your image
* send to your facebook page
* send to twitter
* send to e-mail
* auto upload to our facebook page and just tag yourself
* wide angle lens options to fit more people in an image
* fish eye lens options for fun effects
* green screen, your company’s step and repeat or open air
* you also still get to wear those props if you choose

So you see, there are a lot of options.
Get creative, everything you draw, drag or wear will be captured and printed.

Great for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, school, family, reunions, corporate events, anniversary’s etc. For more info, samples and see how it works visit our web at
for information, images and video samples.

Also give us a “like” at Party Photo Booth Facebook page

or Google + at > Party Photo Draw Party Photo Draw


Easton Family Photographer

Meet the Quelly’s

A super great family. Tight, loving and super busy. I don’t know how mom, Jewels does it. She scrambled to get Issac’s senior pictures and we did family pictures the same day. It’s the only way we could get them both done with their schedules. These were from this past fall. Jewels wanted their images taken at Klein Farms Dairy and Creamery in Pa


Easton Wedding photographer goes to WPPI

Easton Wedding photographer goes to WPPI Event

This year I decided to make the trip to the WPPI ( wedding & portrait photographers international ) event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. There is nowhere else you can go and meet and talk with the industries best in the business. Scott Kelby, Zack Arias, Lindsay Adler, Jerry Ghionis, Cliff Mautner, to name a few of many. Two days of print competitions & awards, 4 days of tips tricks and sharing of knowledge. Three days of 2 huge arenas filled with every company you can imagine showcasing their products and offering show special deep discounts. 2 big after parties in some of the world’s top clubs offering free food and drink and entertainment. Sure, it was a far week long event, but It was worth the trip. It was a good time to get away from the long winter we’ve been having and get my batteries recharged up. I met some great people and found some great deals. There are so many options and products to offer customers that they can’t get anywhere else. It was good to be able to see them and check the quality. The nights in Vegas need no introduction, it’s a whole different world out there.