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I have been in the customer service business all of my working years, in different forms of businesses. Emotions are what drive me to capture images. I like it when customers look at their photo's and the emotions from that day or event come rushing back. I use the best in Canon equipment. My style is both natural and off camera flash mixed with small to large light modifiers. I do all of my own image editing from conservative to extreme beauty retouching. I would like to use a quote from Photographer, Kevin Kubota. That, I myself work by. "I'm a photographic impressionist. I want to capture the mood, or feeling, of the scene as it stands before me. The mood can be entirely influenced by context, sounds, relationships, smells, tastes, history, fantasies, or even alcohol. How I convey that feeling is my individual style and art. The tools I use are inconsequential." I, like Kevin, carry a large tool box. I also design my own albums. Being able to provide this for my clients, offers them more variety and flexibility. My goal and persistence is to be the photographer that every client was happy they selected to record their life. DA Visions a wedding photography service in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. We use the finest Canon equipment and specialize in natural and off camera lighting. Photo composites and enhancements are our specialty. Please visit our web for more information

Project 30±

Project 30+

came about as a way we could showcase a woman that was at or approaching the age of 30. Often times the thinking is once you’re out of the twenties age, its over. Our thinking is that, its not over, and we have proven this with Holly. She fits a typical female type of today’s age. Holly works full time, is a single mother, and is raising two boys yet she still finds some time for herself. However, it can be hectic and challenging but she is strong and determined. These sessions are about her as it gives the opportunity to be herself. The first part of Project 30± was done in her wedding gown – a moment in time when a woman looks simply beautiful.

On hand:
Melissa, for camera and posing
Holly’s Mom, Donna
Makeup, Stephanie Dodge IBC Mary Kay Easton PA

Here are a few of our favorites.




Saturday evenings

to some mean going out to eat, a movie, or socialize with friends and family. This Saturday, we ( Melissa and I ) didn’t know it would happen, but it had been in the plans for a year. Mel had always wanted an evening shot of the Easton PA Northampton County Courthouse. She always envisioned a shot looking up the stairs, I liked the columns on the side of the entrance. We had to do it soon because the trees would soon be pushing out leaves and block the view.  Saturday was good, we had some free time and there were no clouds. The sun had just set giving the sky a deep blue and the exterior lights just popped on. We did bracket exposures on all the shots. It’s always in the back of our minds to get these shots. Like I mentioned, we were discussing this a year or so ago. But back then we waited too long and lost our window of opportunity. Not this year =) Here is our year long view of the Easton PA Northampton County Courthouse




Easton PA Photographer DA Visions

It’s been quite a bit of work lately on the website Easton PA Photographer

Since I do all my own website work and back door editing, it has been a challenge ( time ) getting all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place. With Google changing the playing field from time to time you have to stay on your toes. It’s still not there yet but getting close. I can finally say yippee we made it to the first page in google search results ! Time for a beer to celebrate.

That being said, I ask all that KNOW me/us, DA Visions and OUR WORK and YOU LIKE IT, then please go to our DA Visions Facebook page and click on the like button and follow if you’d like to.

With us you get the real deal. Not the overly inflated likes that some pages receive. It cracks me up how some pages show up with over 10k likes…I mean come on what did you give away to get strangers that don’t even know or have seen your work to click on the like button…sheesh.  Here is a snippet of Facebook problems that I speak of:

The fake like/fake account issue has been a years long headache at Facebook. Even though the actual rate of questionable activity on Facebook is a small percentage of its entire traffic, it harms the social network’s reputation.

Facebook has been sued over invalid clicks in the past. There are persistent reports of fake likes coming from the accounts of deceased friends. The system has had flaws in it in the past that have inflated the number of likes on a page. And in August, Facebook began a purge of fake accounts and the likes they generated.


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My idiomatic expressions:

There can be a huge difference between professional wedding photographers and amateurs. The true professionals will be a legitimate business. They require contracts and have the highest grade of equipment with a whole range of back-up cameras, lenses, strobes, memory cards and light modifiers. They will also have proper indemnity and public liability insurance. Professional photographers are prepared for anything and you won’t run the risk of disaster on such an important day.
Nowadays anyone can pick up a digital camera for $700.00 and possibly take nice photos. This misleads couples into thinking that Uncle Bob, their friend Sue, or the cheaper priced photographer with their nice camera could take the wedding photos. The problem with that is those cameras only have popup flashes or none at all. Those types of cameras do not and cannot take a good images in a low lit church or venue. In addition, most churches do not allow flash during the ceremony. Most amateurs would be lost if they had to use their camera in manual mode, use a flash or off camera lighting and/or remotes. One of our cameras alone are 5 times that cost, and we have backups in case of failures.
Fortunately, DA Visions has everything that is needed to capture your event, day or night, with natural light or flash. We plan our whole day with you so nothing is missed. On top of that, you get the finest in image retouching and enhancement all done personally by us. You’re definitely not going to get this done by Uncle Bob, Sue or the amateur. So yes, there are good valid reasons why professional photographers cost more money. The common wisdom used all the time in life pretty much sums it up “you generally get what you pay for.”
With that being said, we also don’t “beat around the bush.” You will notice some photographers don’t list their pricing. There could be a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Maybe they change their prices often and don’t want to pay a webmaster to update their web site. Maybe they don’t want to list them for competition reasons. Maybe they fear the potential customer might get sticker shock and move on to the next one and never return. There are two sides on this issue: Some say list the pricing and some say don’t list your pricing.
I can remember many times going to a car dealership spending hours buying a car after I picked it out already. I believe for the same reason some photographers don’t list their pricing – they want to keep you there and will do anything to make that sale. Anyway, we have nothing to hide and are not ashamed to list our pricing for services. We truly believe you are getting our best work at a fair price for whichever particular service. Sure, we have ala carte items and can add them. Such as creating wedding albums and guest books. We feel that bundling our services in a “package” that you may or may not like is needless. If you spend the time to read about our services, looked around on our business website and/or other various websites that feature our work, and view our pricing, you will contact us. Since you have already spent time doing research, we do not want to waste your time further by having to make you call for our pricing.
While some businesses will waffle back and forth with pricing, making you wait and waste precious time, DA Visions is not willing to be the company to “leave a bad taste in your mouth“.

Lumen’s turn

Yes, it’s been a year since we saw little Lumen and we had her hanging in the cocoon and wearing monkey sock hats =)  Mom reached out for us to do one year old photos. This time she brought Lumen to the studio for her images.

Here are a few from that day.