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I have been in the customer service business all of my working years, in different forms of businesses. Emotions are what drive me to capture images. I like it when customers look at their photo's and the emotions from that day or event come rushing back. I use the best in Canon equipment. My style is both natural and off camera flash mixed with small to large light modifiers. I do all of my own image editing from conservative to extreme beauty retouching. I would like to use a quote from Photographer, Kevin Kubota. That, I myself work by. "I'm a photographic impressionist. I want to capture the mood, or feeling, of the scene as it stands before me. The mood can be entirely influenced by context, sounds, relationships, smells, tastes, history, fantasies, or even alcohol. How I convey that feeling is my individual style and art. The tools I use are inconsequential." I, like Kevin, carry a large tool box. I also design my own albums. Being able to provide this for my clients, offers them more variety and flexibility. My goal and persistence is to be the photographer that every client was happy they selected to record their life. DA Visions a wedding photography service in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. We use the finest Canon equipment and specialize in natural and off camera lighting. Photo composites and enhancements are our specialty. Please visit our web for more information

Lehigh Valley Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Lehigh Valley Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Thirty days later we find ourselves back at Bear Creek Mountain Resort – this time for Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah. However, instead of being in the Lodge, we were in the Woodland Ballroom. Gabe’s Temple session was the previous day at Beth El in Allentown, Pa. The theme for the Bar Mitzvah catered to Gabe’s favorite football team, the New York Giants – it was a sea of red and blue (even Gabe’s mom and sister unknowingly wore a red and blue dress!). We’ve worked with the DJ before, A Sharp Production, and the emcee and his team didn’t let the crowd down with the constant flow of great music and dancing. Witnessing and capturing families enjoying life warms my heart every time.

Here are just a few images from Gabe’s big night.

premitzvah-1.jpgpremitzvah-115.jpgcutout (4 of 4).jpgpremitzvah-127.jpgpremitzvah-123.jpgtemple-58.jpgtemple-165.jpgtemple-299.jpgBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resort

Bear Creek Mountain Wedding ~ Resort Photographers

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Photographers

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Photographers

May 20, 2016 – It was a picture perfect day for Niki and Brian to have their wedding.
Although, this time, along with being part of the photography team, we were also the parents of the Bride.
Many had asked how we were going to do it, but with the help of Janoski Photography, we teamed up to get it done. We also asked Katrina Sorrentino and her sister Kristen to tackle the video work. We have worked at Bear Creek Mountain Resort before and Niki just loves it there. Therese from Bear Creek was our sales manager and event coordinator. She was the best! The other staff during rehearsal dinner and the wedding were outstanding. Bob and his assistant, Bob from Fantasy DJ Production, as always, did a fantastic job. The day started off with Ronald Corales from Gentlemens Barber Shop  cleaning up Brian and the groomsmen with a shave and cut. The girls were taken care of by  Alisha Nycole Artistry and hair by Brittney Conrad. Nicole Heimsoth had worked our Party Photo Draw Booth before and her personality makes her the perfect fit for the job.

Time is so crucial during a wedding. Since Niki opted out of having a first look this made the time for photography even more pressured. Editing the images I noted that the timeline was backed up one full hour. Dad’s first look that was to happen at 3pm, but Niki was still getting in her dress at 3:50 pm . Even the best made plans can have a glitch. Through the domino effect, any chance of getting some of the pre-ceremony shots we planned were gone. After the ceremony when we hopped in the cart that Therese was kind enough to drive us around in, I looked down at my camera and asked her how much time we had – she said “oh 10-15 minutes”. HAHA, that’s when you throw everything out the window and do the best you can (which we did).

It was a great night, but, boy it went by soooo fast. So, any planned shots we missed getting, we are already planning to “re-do” at the one year anniversary at Bear Creek. Sounds like a good excuse to go back =)

Other Vendors :

Wedding cake provided by >  Piece A Cake
Rehearsal deserts by > Katie Di Paolo
Good times provided by > All our friends and family

Here is just a small sample of their timeline of the day. You should get a pretty good sense of being right there.

Bear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortprep-340.jpgBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortprep-289.jpgprep-947.jpgBear Creek mountain resortprep-926.jpgprep-894.jpgBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortprep-169.jpgBear Creek mountain resortBear Creek mountain resortprep-151.jpgprep-1359.jpgBear Creek mountain resortprep-859.jpgBear Creek mountain resortceremony-47.jpgceremony-469.jpgceremony-88.jpgceremony-137.jpgceremony-179.jpgceremony-148.jpgceremony-162.jpgceremony-167.jpgceremony-204.jpgceremony-242.jpgBear Creek mountain resortparty-4.jpgparty-12.jpgparty-690.jpgprep-123.jpgceremony-1119.jpgceremony-1105.jpgparty-1610.jpgparty-85.jpgparty-100.jpgparty-127.jpgparty-107.jpgparty-117.jpgparty-141.jpgparty-151.jpgparty-181.jpgparty-245.jpgparty-358.jpgparty-439.jpgparty-514.jpgparty-591.jpgparty-556.jpgparty-631.jpgparty-440.jpgparty-493.jpgparty-744.jpgparty-1162.jpgparty-787.jpgBear Creek mountain resortparty-836.jpgparty-861.jpgparty-880.jpgparty-905.jpgparty-996.jpgparty-1347.jpgparty-1082.jpgparty-1301.jpgparty-1646.jpgBear Creek mountain resort

Aldie Mansion Wedding Photographers | Nicole & Eric

Aldie Mansion Wedding Photographers | Nicole & Eric

Like most times, I will receive an email from a future bride that is inquiring about availability and pricing. This email, though, would alter my life.

The email came from a bride-to-be, Nicole Di Carlo. Her last name was familiar so I asked if she had any relation to a man named Greg Di Carlo. I went to school with Greg and had not seen or heard from him in 40+ years. To my surprise, Nicole just happened to be Greg’s daughter. Wow! It was great to meet with Greg, his wife Kathy and their children.
Myself and the rest of the DA Visions crew were chosen to capture Nicole and Eric’s wedding day and help carry on their fairytale story. The bride and groom began their story in middle school. When you meet them both its obvious how their love has carried on through all of these years.
Two happy people, along with their wonderful families and lots of friends, came together to share joy as Nicole and Eric became one. What better place to celebrate such an event than at the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown, Pa. The morning skies were dreary but it cleared in plenty of time to produce a beautiful, sunny wedding day. Great music was provided by the huge and talented band,  The Heartbeats and as added entertainment Nicole’s dad, just as I remembered him, played drums on three songs for the three women in his life. His mom, wife and daughter.
As most weddings go, the day was here and gone so quickly. This is when DA Visions comes in to be sure that the new Mr. and Mrs. will forever be able to relive their wedding day through photographs and album that will be treasured as years pass by.
Here are a few from their magical day…






Easton headshot photographer

Easton headshot photographer

Some recent business casual headshots for John. Sr. IT Project Manager

I was contacted by John for some new headshots for his vast web presence. I grew up in the same small town as John. We played ball on Saturday and Sunday’s with all the neighborhood kids. He knew my sister more than me since he was older. I hadn’t seen John in about 40 years. Crazy how life works.

Good luck John in your future dealings.

Here are a couple form his session.

john (26 of 27)-c76.jpgjohn (13 of 27).jpgjohn (10 of 27).jpgjohn (18 of 27).jpgjohn (7 of 27).jpg

Lehigh Valley Mitzvah Photographers

Lehigh Valley Mitzvah Photographers

April 9th was Sam’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth EL in Allentown. We had pre session in February, and a Temple session the week prior to the celebration party with family and friends on the 9th, at Lehigh University Iacocca hall in Bethlehem.
Mazel tov Sam!

Here are just a few from his celebration.

sam_temple (54 of 248).jpgsam_temple (103 of 248).jpgsam_temple (130 of 248).jpgsam_temple (190 of 248).jpgsam_party (578 of 1040).jpgsam_party (946 of 1040).jpgsam_party (531 of 1040).jpgsam_party (651 of 1040).jpgsam_party (761 of 1040).jpgsam_party (1 of 1).jpg