Headshot photographer Easton PA

I recently put together this sample video showcasing the variety of headshots available with DA Visions Photography. Also, some behind the scene looks and video. Most headshots are done on premise. Advance booking is required. Being mainly a wedding and Bar Mitzvah photographer,  a large studio is not warranted. In the case of headshots and portraits I do have a small working studio in my home. The benefit of not having a large overhead is passed onto the consumer with affordable pricing. But don’t be fooled, I have a  plethora of  modern equipment at my disposal. Please visit the “headshot” page for many more examples of different light scenarios and background looks. Visit the info/pricing page for current pricing. If I have light I will have shadows, with shadows I have depth, with you I have character. I don’t need much space for those ingredients 😉




Lehigh Valley Maternity

Lehigh Valley Maternity Photography

Sara and Mike recently had a beautiful beach wedding in August of 2013, and now it’s time to grow the family. Sara at 28 weeks is ready. They don’t know the baby’s sex yet, I think that’s cool as it adds to the anticipation and excitement for all the family members. We had a nice fun easy going session at DA Visions. Here are a few from their session.


Having fun

I recently bought and have since finished a fantastic book that Glyn Dewis had published, The Photoshop Workbook . I’m constantly learning and I love reading workshop type manuals. Yeah, I’m that guy that can put together anything with out instructions =) When I get the time and “Vision” uhm…DA Visions. plug plug. I like to vision an Idea and then work out how I’m going to send that idea, or message out. Some people call me crazy, but really I like to take life as a gift and try to have fun and bring smiles to people. I realized I spend a lot of time learning and sometimes, yes,  I read in the can. So, what better way to show Glyn how much I liked his book…so much so that I read it in the can =) I had this image in my mind of what I must look like in the “reading room” so I set out to layer one image of me opening the door and another of me in the can. I used one strobe plus ambient and balanced the color and some dodge n burn and you have it. I then sent it to Glyn via email and he replied…

“OMG that is brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant! Doug can I share this? Glyn”

So, when a master retoucher/photographer asks to use my image and put it on his blog…uh that’s a no brainer. =)  anyway I’m glad to make him smile and get a laugh. And me, well, knowing  I can make someone oceans apart from me laugh and enjoy my image made me happy. As Glyn would say, cheers mate!

Oh, as for the picture click on his blog link 😉


Easton Pet Photography

Easton Pet Photography with Lucy the Pit.

Lucy was found abandoned in a home and grossly underweight and wound up in the City of Easton police kennel. Lucy is a red-nose pitbull and believed to be about 1 1/2 years old. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle with her humans. She never seems to be able to get close enough to you! Lucy is in her forever home now and she and her new  family couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few from her session.


Boudoir with DA Visions

Allow yourself the opportunity to unleash the true beauty that lies within you and let us to capture it through the art of photography. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself and create a great Christmas gift for you or your significant other. You can also plan ahead and give this special gift for Valentines day. Classy, elegant sessions start at $349 (special pricing ) Should you wish to add the talented services of Alisha, you will get a combo discount price of $399.

We’ve teamed up with and use the makeup services by Alisha Nycole Makeup Artistry.

Beautiful album options are also available.
6×6, 5×7, or 7×5  10 spread for an additional $350
8×8, 10×7, or 12×6 10 spread for an additional $410
10×10 or 12×8 10 spread for an additional $520