The Girls Football style

I figured I better get my act together and finish the girls football session images before the SuperBowl =) Of course the day I finished them the last team remaining, the Green Bay Packers, were eliminated. =(


Zach, Shelly and Riley

Zach and Shelly contacted me for Christmas card Photo’s with their dog, Riley, a big Irish Setter, very friendly and well behaved. Taking photos of animals can be just as challenging as newborns =) Riley I found out,  is very distracted with shadows. So all the modeling lights cast shadows hahahaha. He did eventually settle down for us to get some images for Zach and Shelly to use.



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah


Rachel, Brianna, Kristina, Kate

Here is a recent maxi session with the girls for up dated portfolio’s and web material. All the girls are currently attending college but we were able to squeeze in 6 hours of shooting over the holiday break. They love to dress up AND get goofy =)

Here are some of the images with more to come later.


Beauty shot work flow

Here are a couple images that show the before and after. This process takes quite awhile but the results are worth it. It’s all done manually, no filters, plugins or second party software. It takes many blends and layers. I also included one of those layers. You can see each stroke. I also provided a zoomed in area to show that the skin texture is  still intact with no blurring. The human skin is far from perfect. That is why  some photographers pay to have professional makeup artists and charge what they do for images. The process is many things, but to simplify it in words, It’s a combination of actions that try to even out the skin tones. The other ( many ) enhancements  may include trimming hair, taking blood vessels out of eyes, trimming eye brows to name a few.