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Easton Family Photography

It’s about family |Easton Family Photography

When you look up “family” in the dictionary, this is what you get  “a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for”

That’s pretty basic, almost cold sounding. With the Collins family you get much more than that. You get a mom and dad who care and provide deeply for their children. You get older and younger sisters and brother who still have fun with each other, love each other, argue with each other and help each other. A family that still do things together as a family. A mom who always remembers to call me when it’s that time again for family photos. “Melissa’s going away to college soon, I need family photos” =)  Mom, understands the importance of family images. I’m not saying this because I photograph people, but it really is important to have photos of family and friends. I also mean paper photos you can hold in your hand, carry around and look at whenever you want, and share with whoever you want. You can’t tape cd’s or a thumbnail drive to that poster board at your daughters 16th, 18th or 21st birthday party. or Mom or Dads 50th. =)  When news stations cover a tornado or hurricane and visit the victims, one of the first things they panic about is losing all their family photos.

Having lost a lovely young daughter, I know first hand how important it is to have photos. Lots of them. Sometimes it’s the only thing that helps.

So, another year goes by, the kids get older. Some move out, some move far away. But, as long as you have those photos, at any time you can go back and relive any moment you like.

Here are a few of those moments…and silly ones =)


Clinton NJ Wedding Photographer

A Clinton, NJ wedding with Joseph & Laurel

We had the pleasure of being apart of two great families coming together as one in the Evangel Chapel, Clinton, NJ. A beautiful late August day. Both families and friends included many children in the wedding party and preparations. Each child seemed excited and did very well. Joe and Laurel incorporated the cartoon character, Sponge Bob, in a video send off at the church. So, we incorporated Sponge Bob in a couple images for them for fun =)


Clinton, NJ

Florist * White Orchid
DJ * Broken Arrow
Reception Venue * RiverView Banquet
Ceremony * Evangel Chapel

Congratulations Laurel and Joe, may your lives be blessed.

Here are a few from their special day.


Las Vegas Interbike

Easton PA Photographer

Yes, it’s that time of year again for BIKE USA
Adam from DotComReps reached out to me for images of Bike USA’s newest member of their expansive bike product line. The new Pathfinder Titan bike. They will also  have a booth at the InterBike show in Las Vegas, 3rd week of September. There they will feature all of their products, bikes, skateboards, helmets, jerseys etc. You can find this bike and many more from Bike USA at big retailers like Walmart and Amazon.

Here are some images of the new Pioneer bike.


Easton photography DA Visions

Easton Photography DA Visions Portraits

Little Bennett’s one year portraits.
Wow it’s been a year since we took newborn pictures of Bennett. Where has the time gone.
He’s growing into quite the little man =)

Here are a few from his session.


Bethlehem Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Bethlehem Bar Mitzvah Photographers

Bethlehem Bar Mitzvah with Brayden,

A special day in the life of Brayden. We are so grateful to be a part of and capture many memories and moments for Brayden and his proud family. On a Thursday evening we took photos at the Temple Beth El and Saturday of that week was the celebration at Iron Lakes Country Club, both of which are in Allentown, PA. The amount of work and planning that Mom, Dad and family put into this is amazing, some believe more so than a wedding. I can believe it. Both days went as planned and Brayden did very well during his ceremony. It turned out to be a beautiful religious event.

DJ & Dancers  *  Mittman Entertainment
Balloon decorations * by Paullette
Cake * Piece ‘a Cake

Here is a small sample from those days.