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Brayden composites / Easton pa Lehigh valley NJ wedding photographer


This is Brayden,
We will be photographing Braydens Bar Mitzvah this June at the Temple Beth El and party affairs  at Iron lakes country club.. While meeting and going over things with mom and dad we were thinking how cool it would be to get some images of Brayden in his baseball uniform. Well, say no more. I came back another day armed with all the lights I needed to get the shots we had in mind to make some composites for them.
Here are some images from that session.




Meet Lauren,

a spunky , smart, quick witted, funny, happy 24 year old…to say the least =)
She’s a graduate from  Centenary college and is an elementary education major. I wonder if her students know that she loves Country music, fishing and crafts.

Here a some images from her session.



Project 30±

Project 30+

came about as a way we could showcase a woman that was at or approaching the age of 30. Often times the thinking is once you’re out of the twenties age, its over. Our thinking is that, its not over, and we have proven this with Holly. She fits a typical female type of today’s age. Holly works full time, is a single mother, and is raising two boys yet she still finds some time for herself. However, it can be hectic and challenging but she is strong and determined. These sessions are about her as it gives the opportunity to be herself. The first part of Project 30± was done in her wedding gown – a moment in time when a woman looks simply beautiful.

On hand:
Melissa, for camera and posing
Holly’s Mom, Donna
Makeup, Stephanie Dodge IBC Mary Kay Easton PA

Here are a few of our favorites.




Saturday evenings

to some mean going out to eat, a movie, or socialize with friends and family. This Saturday, we ( Melissa and I ) didn’t know it would happen, but it had been in the plans for a year. Mel had always wanted an evening shot of the Easton PA Northampton County Courthouse. She always envisioned a shot looking up the stairs, I liked the columns on the side of the entrance. We had to do it soon because the trees would soon be pushing out leaves and block the view.  Saturday was good, we had some free time and there were no clouds. The sun had just set giving the sky a deep blue and the exterior lights just popped on. We did bracket exposures on all the shots. It’s always in the back of our minds to get these shots. Like I mentioned, we were discussing this a year or so ago. But back then we waited too long and lost our window of opportunity. Not this year =) Here is our year long view of the Easton PA Northampton County Courthouse