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Rachel, Brianna, Kristina, Kate

Here is a recent maxi session with the girls for up dated portfolio’s and web material. All the girls are currently attending college but we were able to squeeze in 6 hours of shooting over the holiday break. They love to dress up AND get goofy =)

Here are some of the images with more to come later.


Beauty shot work flow

Here are a couple images that show the before and after. This process takes quite awhile but the results are worth it. It’s all done manually, no filters, plugins or second party software. It takes many blends and layers. I also included one of those layers. You can see each stroke. I also provided a zoomed in area to show that the skin texture is  still intact with no blurring. The human skin is far from perfect. That is why  some photographers pay to have professional makeup artists and charge what they do for images. The process is many things, but to simplify it in words, It’s a combination of actions that try to even out the skin tones. The other ( many ) enhancements  may include trimming hair, taking blood vessels out of eyes, trimming eye brows to name a few.


My NYC trip with Niki

On December 9th Niki and I took a trip to NYC, to the Botanical Gardens. Our goal was to take in the Train show at the Gardens and then head down to the Christmas festivities at Rockefeller center. We took the bus to the Port Authority and a cab to the Gardens. The rest was by foot power and subway. I was disappointed in the Train show, it was not what I had expected, but, we had a good lunch on 7th ave. The freaky thing is, we walked the very spot that man was assassinated the day after our trip. I only took my Sony Nex5 with the 18-55 lens because it’s small light but takes great low light images without flash and great HD movies also. Not a cheap camera buy any means and a great stealth camera.

Here are some images from our trip.


DJ Mourning Glory

Local talent DJ Mourning Glory, her words~
I am a Dj. Music is all that i mostly deal with. I do a lot of producing. Electronic, Dub Step, Hard House, Tecktonik Basically all music apart of this Digital world.


Get In Touch Event

The Get in Touch Foundation hosted their annual “Little Pink Dress Party” at Melt – Level 3 on October 18, 2012 for breast cancer awareness.

Party guests were able to purchase pink jewelery, pink drinks, nibble on some mini pink cupcakes, get pink hair extensions – anything and everything PINK!

There were many attendees, mostly women of course, but there were a ton of brave men who decided to join in on the fun and even wear some pink themselves.

WLEV was there to capture the evening as well and they even photographed everyone before heading into the elevator to the event.

If you would like to learn more about the Get in Touch Foundation or would like to donate, please visit their website:

Get in Touch Volunteer and Community Warriors founder, Tracey Saab, put on a fabulous event and DA Visions was more than happy to be there to capture people doing great things for a great cause!

Here are a few from that evening. The full slideshow can be viewed HERE
Adobe flash is required.