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Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography ~ In NYC Bryant Park

Bryan had a master plan to propose to Amanda during their family trip to NYC to see the Christmas tree. It was planned since April of this year and only a handful of people knew of the secret for months. As the month of December approached, Amanda’s dad needed surgery and everyone worried the proposal would need to be postponed or changed. However, Amanda’s dad pushed through and refused to miss this amazing day for his daughter. The weather wasn’t great but the excitement of everyone involved was in the air – nothing was going to get us down! The proposal was magical even in the rain. Congratulations to Amanda and Bryan as they begin their new journey down wedding lane.

Here are a few images for their day.

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Having fun

I recently bought and have since finished a fantastic book that Glyn Dewis had published, The Photoshop Workbook . I’m constantly learning and I love reading workshop type manuals. Yeah, I’m that guy that can put together anything with out instructions =) When I get the time and “Vision” uhm…DA Visions. plug plug. I like to vision an Idea and then work out how I’m going to send that idea, or message out. Some people call me crazy, but really I like to take life as a gift and try to have fun and bring smiles to people. I realized I spend a lot of time learning and sometimes, yes,  I read in the can. So, what better way to show Glyn how much I liked his book…so much so that I read it in the can =) I had this image in my mind of what I must look like in the “reading room” so I set out to layer one image of me opening the door and another of me in the can. I used one strobe plus ambient and balanced the color and some dodge n burn and you have it. I then sent it to Glyn via email and he replied…

“OMG that is brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant! Doug can I share this? Glyn”

So, when a master retoucher/photographer asks to use my image and put it on his blog…uh that’s a no brainer. =)  anyway I’m glad to make him smile and get a laugh. And me, well, knowing  I can make someone oceans apart from me laugh and enjoy my image made me happy. As Glyn would say, cheers mate!

Oh, as for the picture click on his blog link 😉


New Jersey Engagement photography

New Jersey Engagement session with Maxine & Ken

Another New Jersey Engagement session brought us into Pattenburg New Jersey to capture images of Maxine and Ken. A day with Thunder storm threats, turned out to be another beautiful afternoon. The location was impressive. As we like to do, we incorporated OC flash along with natural light to give our couples variety. Maxine wanted “fun” so we added some fun things also. We look forward to spending the day capturing their special day in 2015 at the Grand Colonial in NJ and working again with Bob from Fantasy Productions DJ’s

Another fun day in Jersey =)
Here are a few from that day.


New Jersey Engagement

New Jersey Engagement with Jackie & Alex

It was an early Sunday morning . We packed the car with equipment and headed east to New Jersey to meet Jackie and Alex for their engagement session. Tyson, their dog, also came along for some shutter time. It was a bit longer than usual and a few images more than usual but we had to soak up all the possibilities in front of us. =)

Early on it was a bit overcast, but we needed to get some images before the park got too busy. As the morning went on it did clear up some. We used off camera flashes gelled, along with natural light. We had a fun time. Both Jackie and Alex were easy to work with. Even Tyson was a good sport about it all. Jackie brought a few props along so we incorporated those also.

So many to choose,  but here are a few of my favorites.