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Beauty shot work flow

Here are a couple images that show the before and after. This process takes quite awhile but the results are worth it. It’s all done manually, no filters, plugins or second party software. It takes many blends and layers. I also included one of those layers. You can see each stroke. I also provided a zoomed in area to show that the skin texture is  still intact with no blurring. The human skin is far from perfect. That is why  some photographers pay to have professional makeup artists and charge what they do for images. The process is many things, but to simplify it in words, It’s a combination of actions that try to even out the skin tones. The other ( many ) enhancements  may include trimming hair, taking blood vessels out of eyes, trimming eye brows to name a few.


DJ Mourning Glory

Local talent DJ Mourning Glory, her words~
I am a Dj. Music is all that i mostly deal with. I do a lot of producing. Electronic, Dub Step, Hard House, Tecktonik Basically all music apart of this Digital world.


Meet Patrick

A proud member of the Cruizados bicycle club. When Patrick and his friend, John Huggy Bear Cruizado get together, they head down to Asbury Park to ride their chopper bikes.
Patrick went to school with my daughter, Catrina, and was always a good friend to her. In her memory he had this beautiful embroidery done on his jacket to always keep her with him. Towards the end, Catrina always had her stuffed duck in her hand. It provided her comfort. Friends forever.


Evan’s Story

On July 21, 2012, two very blessed parents welcomed their first child, a baby boy, Evan.

The weekend Evan was born, we were actually going to be doing his mother’s maternity photo shoot. Apparently Evan decided he had different plans. He gave his parents quite a scare when they found out his umbilical cord was too small and the doctors would need to induce labor because he just wasn’t growing at the speed he should have been. He was born a month early weighing only 3lbs 12oz – although his dad said he was still crying when he came into the world. Evan had to spend 18 days in the NICU. Before he could be released, he needed to pass numerous tests including but not limited to: eat everything by bottle, gain weight to fit into his car seat of which the minimum weight was 4lbs, and hold his body temperature which was difficult due to having no body fat. I am happy to state that Evan is now 7.5lbs and eats like a champ! I am happy to have been able to capture some special moments for the family with their little miracle baby.

Here are a few from Evan’s session.


Casey, Rags to Riches Story

Meet Casey, a vivacious American Staffordshire Terrier, who was rescued from the Northampton County, Pennsylvania ASPCA on February 18, 2012.

Most animals at the ASPCA have a very sad story and Casey has a very traumatic one of her own. Casey’s current owner, Adam, spent many months searching for a dog that would fit into his life. Adam went to the ASPCA on numerous occasions and just couldn’t find what he was looking for. On one particular day, Adam spent some time with a few dogs in the kennel when from across the parking lot he spotted Casey (f/k/a Fritzy). She had a nice stride on a leash with seemingly pleasant leash manners, her coat was a grey/blue color and was overall a stunning dog. Although the animal Adam was currently walking had a nice demeanor, Adam was awestruck by “Fritzy”. He went over to the ASPCA handler and asked about her story. Adam was told that she had been in the kennel for approximately 4 months and was picked up in Monroe County wandering on the road in very grave condition. She had an extreme case of mange which exposed her delicate skin to the harsh weather conditions of winter. Much of her hair was missing (including around her eyes) and she was riddled with inflammation along with several infections. In addition, she was an estimated 15-20lbs underweight. The veterinary and training staff at the ASPCA said that they honestly did not think she would make it through the next few days because she was so sick. The ASPCA trainer was determined to bring Casey back to good health because he knew the dog had a good heart and would overcome the sickness.

On the day that Adam noticed her, she no longer had the extreme case of mange but she was not fully healed. Her clipped ears were very dry and cracked, she was still underweight, she had a bad rash and hives on her skin (due to a very temperamental skin condition that many of this breed have) along with what the trainer called “Happy Tail”. Happy tail is caused by constant wagging of a dog’s tail in a crate, fenced in cage and/or chewing the tail out of boredom. It was as though the end of her tail had warts on it and it was not covered with hair. Even though Casey seemed to be a lot to take on, Adam could see how sweet and loyal she was and he put in his paperwork to adopt her immediately. The ASPCA requires a home inspection prior to adoption to be sure he did not have any type of dog cage fighting equipment or any other items that could potentially harm the animal. Naturally, Adam passed his home inspection and he was able to pick up Casey within 2 days.

When Adam had Casey in the car for the very first time, he knew he had met his “man’s best friend”. Casey sat in the front seat of Adam’s car very proper and looked out the front window as if she was a human. When Casey arrived to her new home she went all through the house sniffing every corner and inspected all the rooms. Luckily for Adam, Casey was already house broken and crate trained, if needed. The very fist night, Adam had a few friends over to his house and Casey took to the room full of people as if she had been living with Adam since she was a puppy. She would cuddle up to anyone on the couch and loves to lick your face and say hi.

Sunday morning, after Casey’s first night in her forever home, she woke up all smiles. Her tail was wagging a mile a minute, so much that she opened the wound on its tip. Casey had no idea what was happening but it created a crime scene all around the house, floor by floor. After wrapping Casey’s tail with gauze and bandage Adam spent a couple of hours washing walls and cleaning white carpets.

Adam took Casey to the vet for a full check-up the following Monday to discuss treatment options for her tail and skin irritation, it was then that we discovered Casey had food allergies. Dr. Craig at Easton Animal Hospital suggested having Casey on a grain free diet due to her sensitive skin and coat. Complying with the vet’s orders, Adam sought out and purchased dog food and treats that were completely grain free (no corn, no wheat, no soy, no dairy). After several months this new diet cleared up the hives Casey had and she has since gained weight to a healthy 55lbs. Adam also took the time to care for the “happy tail” Casey had by wrapping it in gauze, first-aid ointment, bandaids – whatever he could get a hold of to keep her tail covered, he used! Adam had to purchase a dog cone to go around Casey’s neck to inhibit her from biting the bandages off and because she can curl up into such a small position, he had to use a cone that was meant for a 100lb+ dog! It took many weeks to clear the wound but the tip of her tail is fully healed and it has also grown all of its hair back. Due to Adam’s constant care Casey did not have to have the tip of her tail amputated which was an option by the vet had he been unable to heal it for her.

The stigma given to this breed is that they are aggressive, un-approachable, unable to be around children, attackers and unable to be tamed. According to Adam, his friends/family, and myself Casey is one of the most loving, affectionate, fun spirited, happy, loyal, smart dogs. She loves to snuggle on the couch next to Adam and spends a good part of her day in his home office sprawled out on the floor waiting for attention. She loves to go for walks/runs, car rides, being outside or watching the Dog Whisperer when it’s on TV. Casey follows Adam around the house like a small child just wanting to be with her Daddy and take part in whatever adventure he is doing at that moment. She will greet you at the door with her wagging tail waiting to have you say hello and give her affection. Casey may look a bit scary to an outsider because of her masculine face, muscular body and clipped ears but once you know her, she is a huge baby who molds herself to be whatever you want her to be and just wants to please you.

Her images are entered into a couple pet contests. “GO CASEY”

Here are a few from her session.