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Help me welcome to the world, Bennett Harrison Stanziola. Bennett was born on May 19, 2012 at 1:46AM weighing 5.11lbs. He seems small but he is mighty and loves to kick his legs and move his arms. Bennett has two very special parents, Mark and Nate, who couldn’t be happier having this little one in their lives. Mark and Nate were going through the adoption process and after many months of waiting were finally blessed with a bundle of joy to enrich their existence. Bennett did very well during the photo shoot and only became fussy toward the end but how can you blame him when he’s being undressed, moved around, naked and then finally dressed again! Mark said it well when he said it was a start to Bennett’s modeling career.

Here are a few from that session.


University of Delaware Grad

Meet Rick, Graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.
Rick, another fine young man was sent by Mom for his graduation photos. Again, once we finished the “Mom” photos it was time to have some fun and make his session complete. I had heard that Rick was a good guitar player so I asked him to bring along a guitar. I asked him to change into his playing clothes, pick up his guitar and play away. I said don’t pay attention to me and the camera just play the guitar like no one is watching. He belted out some familiar tunes as I snapped away and moved lights around. I think we captured the mood I was looking for. Rick is in the band named Five Points and they have an album coming out late June. Here are a few from the session.


PSU Grad

Meet Steve, 2011 Penn State Graduate of Business, Management, & Marketing.

Mom sent Steve over for his graduation photos. After we did the “mom” photo’s, I asked Steve in advance if he was up for a few extreme shots. He agreed and were able to make a couple keepers. He brought along a shirt and I gave him a basketball. I told him to give me the tough guy look and sprayed him down with a mixture of glycerin and water. He’s in great physical shape and I couldn’t see wasting the opportunity!  Here are a few from that session


Daddy’s boy, Dane

Meet Dane Nicholas who was born on January 30, 2012 at 8:29 PM weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs 8 oz. and was 21 1/2″ in length. Grandpop sure knows how to make him smile. Nick, Dane’s proud father, having pitched baseball in college, already has his son lined up to be a North Carolina Tar Heel and probably the Philadelphia Phillies next pitching sensation. Looks like a lot of bleacher splinters are what the future holds for mom, who of course will be Dane’s biggest cheerleader!

Here are a few photographs from Dane’s session.


Little Lumen

Although Jenna labored all through the night and into the following morning she continued to have enormous strength and dedication in the hospital room. Her fiancé, Sean, was by her side helping to see through the madness we call child birth. To all of her family and friends, those two days felt like a life time. Finally, on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 4:01 PM, little Lumen Sheela, made her grand entrance into the world “sunny side up” with her eyes wide open. Lumen was 6lbs 9.7oz and 19.5 inches long. Her photo-shoot was held at Grandma DelRosso’s house with Jenna and Sean making a cameo in some photographs with the rest of the family looking on at their precious new addition. Lumen was a natural model and she slept through most of the shots which is just the way we like it! Congratulations to the newest Mommy and Daddy.

Here are a few from that session.