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Precious little Peyton

At the time of this session little Peyton was 2 weeks old. After 2 weeks newborns can be very difficult to photograph. That is why it’s best to get your little ones images done in that period. They mostly sleep and are easier to maneuver. Between Peyton’s mom, Kim, and Melissa helping and taking shots, we captured some nice images. Her brother Anthony joined in the fun for a few photos  =)

Here are a few from that day.



Meet Bella, “Daddy’s Big Girl”

Three year old Bella has the longest eyelashes I’ve seen in awhile, her eyes sparkle. She loves to color and her favorite color is purple. It is said, that purple is the color of good judgment because it is made up of warm colors like red and cool blue.  Most children love the color purple. Which is probably the reason why producers developed Barney, the dinosaur, in purple. =)  Ms. Bella also likes Tinker Bell and playing with her cousins. However, most of all, she loves her Daddy and snuggling with him watching movies.

Bella was very cooperative. After the first couple of minutes she loosened up and was a joy to work with.

Here are a few images from that day.


Handsome little Dimitri

My daughter presented me with this photo of little Dimitri. She said, dad he’s so adorable but can you do something with the background because of the pillows? He’s such a cutie. I couldn’t let this photo be forgotten. Even though it was in jpg format (not RAW ) I was still able to enhance it without destroying the pixels. Also, lucky for mom it was a good size to enable prints.



Recently finished up a session with Keith Lynch. He came for a few more additional looks for his portfolio. As he described it, agents and producers, depending on which ones you see, are always changing their mind. One likes this look, the other likes a different look. One said, we want you to get a Proctor Gamble look. ;/  So confusing as it is, you have to get it done.
Because of scheduling conflicts we did these over a period of a couple weeks. The second half I chose to shoot with a live feed so Keith could see the images as soon as they were shot. This would help him decide quicker which shot he liked and what he needed to change or what lights I needed to move or adjust.

A little about Keith
Keith Lynch has worn many hats in trying to establish himself in the world of entertainment: writer, producer, and director.  To date, he has written, produced, and directed a short film titled “Premiere”; but, most recently, he has developed and written a Television show with a Production Company in New York City.  It was during this time, while rehearsing his show with actors in New York, he realized that his talents and passion also lent him acting.  From that point forward he has been studying the craft of acting with professional instructors and teachers in NYC, preparing to trudge through the trenches of show business in the hopes of breaking in anyway he can.

Keith’s Twitter account:
@KeithMLynch New York, NY
A writer. Also meaning: pessimistic, sleep deprived, cynical, addicted to uppers and downers, sardonic, & misanthropic. Insult to injury im also an actor.

Here are a couple from those sessions.


Lovable Carmella’s 1st

The absolutely adorable Carmella just had her 1st birthday recently. Mom, Harleigh contacted me to take photos of her and some of the family. She belongs on one of those Snuggle commercials =) She loves to play and have fun, especially with bubbles. As most one year olds do, she loves to get into things. So what better way to start the session off….let her play with the toilet paper roll hahahaha. She lasted pretty long before the tiredness set in. The 2 hour nap she was supposed to get before, only lasted an hour. I guess she was excited about the photo session and couldn’t sleep =) Here is a sample of her day.