Wedding & Bar/Bat Mitzvah Pricing Plans

Exceptional value with certified experience

All collections include coverage, post production, professional retouched digital negatives by Doug. Most collections have fully shared copyrights, personalized selective creative editing and can include gorgeous custom designed albums imported from Italy. Prints are also available for purchase by professional photo labs for photographers only. State sales tax applied separately. Sample albums will be shown at the first consult.
We carry a large line of products, consisting of everything from Photo Booths to Guest Books. Other services include but not limited to Seniors, Boudoir, Pin up style and special requests. Please e-mail your requests. Inquire within for more details. Shorter coverage is available for smaller events based on availability.

Other options could include the the Party Photo Draw photo booth to substitute for albums and hours.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
The Senior Experience
Bar/Wedding Photography with DA Visions



**** Travel expenses after 25 miles may require additional monies.

**** Additional photography time coverage added to packages start at $150 per hour.

Wedding Photography with DA Visions

As most good Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah photographers will tell you, there will be a series of events that will take place to insure your day will turn out for the best.
“How much does it cost?” Most couples are shocked at what even decent wedding, bar/bat mitzvah photography costs. Most think “you’re only taking a few pictures – why so expensive?” Sometimes you’ll hear “geez, that’s like $400 to $500 an hour – I don’t even make that kind of money!”

The reality is that most people aren’t aware of what actually goes into making great pictures that you’ll cherish for the rest of your days. They’re not familiar with the processes that most photographers go through – it’s much more than just showing up to take the pictures and then handing you a CD or printed proofs. There is actually quite a bit that takes place before, during and after your wedding that contributes to the final result.

Here is a list of some of the things we do, before during and after.

Before the Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We start off with usually an e-mail or web message sent by you, expressing your interest in us. After that we will place an initial phone call going over the details of your wedding day. Because we include engagement photos in some of our our pricing, we may have several calls going over those details also.

Before the engagement session we usually like to meet you and your significant other to go over your day and get to know each other. This will help to ‘break the ice’ if you will. The engagement session usually takes a couple hours and also serves to get you comfortable with us in front of the camera. Your nerves will be frazzled enough the day you get married. The engagement session will rid you of feeling nervous. We’ll have fun and you will see some of what will happen on the day of the wedding.

We also scout out locations you may want to take your pictures at. They may be your reception hall, the church or other locations. If we are taking pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, we may ask to meet you at that location to get a feel of the lighting well before your wedding day.

In the final days and hours of your wedding day while you’re preparing, rehearsing, reviewing…so are we. We’re re-checking our equipment and our back-ups to ensure that everything is in working order and ready to go. Batteries are being charged, memory cards are being cleared, flashes and studio lights are being tested and packed, and we’re talking, always talking Ideas, perspectives, angles, locations, bad weather, ‘what if’s’. Finalizing the plans we have for your day. We’re just as detail-oriented about your day as you are.

Your Big Day

The day of your wedding, we’re snooping around to get a feel for your location, lighting, details and decor. We may pre-set lighting in areas so that no time is wasted.

We’re shooting, non-stop, in the most unobtrusive way possible in order to capture the most spontaneous, defining moments of your day.

We’re in the moment with you, all-day long. We’re shooting from different perspectives. Points of view.

We depart your wedding, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with your wedding. Once we return, we back-up all of your photos – and then back-up the back-ups. Only then is our day over.

After The Wedding

Within a week of your wedding, we begin working on your wedding photos and from start to finish, this can take anywhere from 30-50 hours, depending on how much time we spent with you on your wedding day. We process each photo individually. We never just batch-process your photos. There is so much more that goes into making a beautiful photo and we work hard to improve upon perfection and, in some cases, draw out the beauty in imperfection.

Depending on your choices, your images may then be hosted in an online gallery for you and your friends and family to view, or proofs provided. If your choice was a cd/dvd it will be provided. If your choice was an album, after selection work, we’ll begin and finalized in 4-6 weeks.

Ok, so now you know a little of what goes into your wedding day. Couples plunk anywhere from $500 – $1,000 or more for a DJ. Most do great work, but don’t spend nearly the amount of time with you as a photographer. They set their equipment, play for 4-6 hours pack up and leave..their work is done and in a week you won’t remember much. If you’ve read everything above, you will know on average we will spend 60-100 hours on your wedding for memories that last a lifetime.